Contacting St. Charles Borromeo


General Contact Information:
Address: 1315 Lomitas Avenue
Livermore, CA 94550-6441
Office Hours: 9:00 5:00 p.m.(Mon-Thurs)
Office Phone:(Parish Secretary) (925) 447-4549 x 101
After Hours and Weekend Medical and Pastoral Emergencies:

(925) 447-4549 Press 9

Office Fax: (925) 373-7088
Faith Formation Phone: (925) 447-4549 x 116
Youth Ministry Phone: (925) 447-4549 x 117 
Email Address: Janie@StCharlesBorromeo.Org

Whom Should You Call? Staff Telephone Extensions and Email: Click Here The following support and services are available from the community of St. Charles Borromeo. Contact the rectory office at (925) 447-4549 to receive information and/or request support or services.

Questions About Contact
Church Practices and Beliefs:
Pastoral Associate
(925) 447-4549 x 113
The Church, divorce,
  remarriage, sexuality,
  Vatican II, the sacraments
Updating Catholics
(925) 447-4549 x 113
Counseling Pastor
(925) 447-4549 x 105
Eucharist to you, family member, or friend:
  Communion brought by a parishioner at a mutually convenient time.
  • At home after surgery, new baby, or if homebound
  • At Stanford Health Care Valley Memorial Center
  • At Kindred Nursing and Healthcare Center
  • At Silver Oak Manor and Tiffany Gardens

Church Secretary
(925) 447-4549 x 101

Grief Support:
Support, aid and friendship to the bereaved in the positive resolution of the grief experience following the serious illness or loss of a loved one.

Church Secretary
(925) 447-4549 x 101