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  2. Additional CPR Videos:
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  4. 1. Hands Only CPR Program (AHA, running time 3mins 33 secs)


This video tells about the importance of CPR in the community.

Importantly, there’s a short segment of CPR being taught at churches.


2. Mama Knows Best Hands Only CPR video (AHA, running time 1min 30 secs)


 This is a bilingual (English/Spanish) video.


3. Hands Can Do Incredible Things (AHA, running time 32 secs)


This video is in sign-language


4. Heckling Fan Hands-Only CPR (AHA, running time 1min 08secs)


This video shows CPR being done at a sporting event.

It also shows how the patient is maneuvered onto bleacher seats,

something that might come in handy considering bench-style seating in our church.


5. Hands-Only CPR Demo Video (AHA, running time 1min 02secs)


Straight forward video emphasizing Call 9-1-1, Push Hard and Fast”


6. Learn Hands-Only CPR (AHA, running time 1min 32secs)


This entertaining video shows a family at the dinner table,

 \discussing hnds-only CPR, and “Call 9-1-1, Push Hard and Fast

 to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive”


7. Chain of Survival (Adams Safety Training, running time 1 min 08secs)


This video shows the chain of events that must occur

in rapid succession to maximize the chances of survival

from a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).


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